The Atlantic
raw bar & eatery

Sweet Jesus

Subtle cucumber minerality with a distinctive flinty finish. Less salt than an ocean oyster. The “merroir” of an oyster reflects the conditions unique to each farm.

Blue Points

The clean, high salinity waters off the shores of Long Island Sound produce fat, salt infused, delectable meats.


Flavorful, yet easy to approach. They have a creamy texture with strong flavors of sweet celery and bright copper with a long lasting metallic finish.


Harvested by tongs from a dory in pure cold waters of Malpeque Bay. Malpeque’s offer a rich, briny start and a fruit-like finish.

Little Bitches, Rock Hole, and Lynnhaven oysters will always be on the menu.

about us


The Atlantic on Pacific is an oyster/craft cocktail bar nestled in the heart of the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Our menu celebrates seafoods from the east coast, west coast and beyond, and we strive to support local and regional fishermen, crabbers, oystermen, farmers and producers. Don’t eat seafood? No problem. We’ve got plenty of options for everyone on the menu.